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Listing agents in Texas are abundant, but none of them can compare to what we do here at.We provide many real estate services, from selling property in Texas, an investment firm, listing broker, problem solvers, and much more. We are proud to say that we are a Texas Real Estate Commission approved, and composed of professional agents that specialize in real estate negotiations and real estate solutions.

Our experience in the industry is tried and tested. Armed with many resources, we can surely guide you in selling any type of property you own.

Our track record boasts a lot of happy homeowners and sellers that we have successfully helped over the years. Our fees are affordable and always follow state laws. We are very transparent and will never do anything to deceive our clientele.Buyers can input a property address there and search for properties that you are interested in buying.

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  • Pennington Premiere Real Estate, South Graham Avenue in Stephenville, Texas

Pennington Premiere Real Estate, Caddo Drive in Abilene, Texas

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In case you are wondering, our service extends to both Texas homeowners and Texas home buyers, and are welcome to contact our professional business, realtor property services. You can also send us your property address so that we can visit your property and do some routine inspections. Give us a selling price, and we will handle the rest for you. That is the Pennington way!